Monday, July 7, 2008

Calling out the Wiz

First off, if you ask me who my favorite basketball team is I would say the Boston Celtics. Thus making them my team. They are also other people's team as well but my team.

Now to my real problem with you. For you to say that we would have been fine with Tony Allen instead of James Posey is ludurcious. Are you out of your mind? That is one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard of in my life. Who is the better shooter? Posey. The better defender? Posey. More versatile? Posey. More clutch? Posey. Don't get me wrong, I like Tony Allen. He is a good defender who can slash to the hole. But the Celtics have Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett to go the hole and draw fouls. What the Celtics needed this season was someone who could stretch the floor and knock down shots. Posey helped fill that hole. Posey's real value was in his leadership and experience. Posey had those pre game hugs where the starters said that he had a different thing to say every time. Posey is an ultimate glue guy. Keeps everyone together. Now I'm not saying he is the true team leader, KG and Pierce are, but he was certainly a key.

Posey is also a experienced winner. Before Sam Cassell arrived for the last 2 months, Posey was the only guy with a championship. He had what the Big Three was striving for. Its no accident that this guy has been a big contributor on 2 championship teams. In that Heat/Mavs finals, he was the guy that had to guard Dirk and did a great job. In The Comeback Game in this past finals, he had 18 and buried 2 huge threes in the 4th including one to cut the Laker lead to 2 after being down five. Plus he is so versatile where he can guard a 2, a 3, and some 4s. And when the Celtics went small he was drawing power forwards away from the hoop to open up lanes for Rondo, Pierce and KG. The guy is probably one of the more coveted free agents this year because he is a winner and has a ton of intangibles you need on a championship club.

The Celtics needed this guy if they were to win this year. He helped share his experience to the Big Three. Even they will tell you that. Even Danny Anige will tell you that. In fact Anige said he provided a type of craziness that was good for the team. Jeff Van Gundy was drooling about the guy during the finals saying that he would to coach a James Posey. For this year it was important to have him because he is clutch and had a ring. Next year I would love to have him back but at the right price. Now that the Big Three and the rest of the team has championship experience they know what their in for. But if he doesn't come back, his presence will be missed come playoff time. Believe that.

And in my eyes Wizard, you my boy but you lost a lot of credibility in my book.

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